Industries machine manufacturing great dayyani


dayyani machining industry ( Iran gear box ) started it's activity in the field of design & manufacturing of industrial machines specially cutting & break presses.

It has used practical group of staff & now has a big share in upgrading Iranian machine manufacturing industries .

Iran gear box has attemped to increase the quality of it's products in this way the company passed an international audit for Iso 9001 management quality system successfully and decides to pass machine manufacturing quality assurance system

Dayyani great machine manufacturing company provides customers with followings:

Hydraulic shearing with 6m of cutting length and 60mm width.

Electro mechanic shearing with 1-4 m of cutting length and 0.2-6 mm width Brake press(bender) with 2000 ton capacity.

Full hydraulic bender with 2-3 m length with P.L.C system.

Roll opening , roll forming , rolling , trimmer , round cutter machines.

Our company is also ready to prove you with cooperation and consultation on equipment of industrial workshop.