Dayyani machining industry ( Iran gear box ) started it's activity in the field of design & manufacturing of industrial machines specially cutting & break presses.It has used practical group of staff & now has a big share in upgrading Iranian machine manufacturing industries





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Industries machine manufacturing great dayyani

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Electromechanic shearing machine

With 120 cm to 4 m length
Cutting iron sheets with 0.5 - 6 mm thickness
Stainless steel cutting four-edged blade
Braked gear box electromotor
Adjusting filler of blades with clock
Quite accurate and quick

Hydraulic shearing machine with cradle system

2_6 m length
Unique hydraulic circuit 
An electric rear stop and digital display
Hard-working and resistant to bad weather conditions 
With foundation map

Full hydraulic shearing machine with P. L .C system

2_9 m length

Cutting iron sheets with 2_60 mm thickness _ made from ST37

With automatic filler with variable and intelligent angle

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